1. An Information System for the Analysis of Color Distributions in MovieBarcodes: Manuel Burghardt, Katharina Hafner, Laura Edel, Sabrin-Leila Kenaan and Christian Wolff
  2. Data streams in the Swiss metacatalog in the Linked Open Data Cloud: Nicolas Prongué and René Schneider
  3. For You, Me, Them? Choosing Designated Communities for Personal Digital Archiving: Achim Oßwald
  4. Grasping the Materializations of Practices in Digital Humanities -- A Semantic Research Environment for Analyzing Exam Grading Practices in German High Schools: Christoph Schindler, Julian Hocker, Lars Müller, Maria Maleshkova and Tobias Weller
  5. Information Literacy Online. An Erasmus+ Project to Improve Students’ Competencies: Stefan Dreisiebner
  6. International degree mobility in Library and Information Science: Vera Hillebrand and Elke Greifeneder
  7. Limits and Potentials of Grasping User Interaction in Controlled and Open World Environments - Contrasting PIAAC Large-Scale-Assessment Usage Data with Web analytics: Peter Böhm, Christoph Schindler, Heiko Rölke and Marc Rittberger
  8. Lowering the Barrier to Entry Into LIS Master Programs: The EINFOSE Project: Thomas Mandl and Tatjana Aparac Jelušic
  9. Open Encyclopedia System - Open Source Software for Open Access Encyclopedias: Nicolas Apostolopoulos, Christoph Schimmel and Ilker Egilmez
  10. Project Coltero - Visualising key performance indicators to incentivise users of knowledge management software: Fabian Odoni, Wolfgang Semar and Elena Mastrandrea
  11. Research Data at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Cologne: Simone Kronenwett

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